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Protecting Calgary Families and Homes with Fire Sprinkler Systems

As fire sprinkler installers in Calgary and Southern Alberta, it is the goal of Constant Fire Protection Systems Ltd to educate the public on the dangers of smoke inhalation and house fires. In Canada, roughly 78% of fire-related deaths occur within the home. Most house fires occur during the hours of 2:00 AM and 4:00 AM, when most families are sound asleep. In many of these instances, the families were rendered unconscious due to smoke inhalation and unable to respond to the crisis.

To put it plainly, hundreds of Canadians lose their lives each year to house fires that could have been prevented through the use of fire sprinklers and fire alarms. Instead of hundreds of death each year, we want to see this figure drop to zero — and you can help.

Why Have a Fire Sprinkler Installed in Your Calgary Home?

A fire can engulf a home in as little as five minutes. Due to how quickly a fire can spread, especially in flashover situations, we recommend having a fire sprinkler system installed in order to protect your family and property. Not only will you be helping your family in the event of a fire, but you can also save up to 10% on your homeowners insurance with the installation of a fire sprinkler system.

While we do not sell or install fire alarms, we do recommend having a working fire alarm installed in each area of your home. A fire alarm is your first line of defence in notifying your family of carbon monoxide and/or smoke. Also, be sure to have a home escape plan in place, such as your front yard or a neighbour’s house, so family members can be easily accounted for.

Cost-Effective Sprinkler Installations

At Constant Fire Protection Systems Ltd, we offer solutions to meet all your residential fire suppression needs. Sprinkler systems in residential structures are becoming more common as the cost of such systems becomes more practical and the benefits become more obvious. In just minutes, a household fire can cause devastating destruction. Fire sprinklers can significantly cut down on this destruction, reduce insurance premiums and — most importantly — save lives!

To learn about our fire sprinkler installation packages, call Constant Fire Protection Systems Ltd, today!

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