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Industrial Fire Sprinklers in Calgary

A fire breakout is the last thing you want to worry about at an industrial site. But in the event of a fire breakout, you want to ensure minimal damage and we want to help you with that. Constant Fire Protection Systems Ltd designs and maintains a wide variety of fire suppression equipment, including industrial fire sprinklers in Calgary.

Fire Suppression Equipment for Various Industries

When the security of a large number of people is at stake, it is advisable to think of reliable fire protection techniques. It is known that sprinklers are effective in containing fire for a certain period of time. Sprinklers ensure you have enough time to evacuate your employees to safety away from the industrial site. 

No matter what your industry is, we put our expertise and extensive knowledge to design quality fire suppression equipment for your facility. In addition to creating, we also have the experience of having installed countless fire suppression equipment in Calgary.

Fire Sprinklers Also Help Deflects Costs Related With:

  • Insurance Premiums

  • Liabilities

  • Business Operations Continuity

  • Income Taxes

  • Federal Legislation

  • Life Safety Code Compliances

Our service includes, but is limited to:
System design
System installation
Inspection, testing and maintenance
Emergency service

We encourage customers across various industries to come to us for their fire security needs. Contact us for a quote today.

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Don’t let your employees and property be left unguarded against fire — call us for a quote, today!

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Read how Constant Fire Protection Systems Ltd got its start in the Calgary area.

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